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Fullbridge Professional Edge at College of the Holy Cross

On campus at Holy Cross |

Upcoming Program Dates:

January 16-21, 2017 (Enrollment Closed)

May 18-24, 2017

August 21-26, 2017


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Tuition: Holy Cross is offering this program for $1600

Housing: On-campus housing is included in the tuition fee

  • Fullbridge has helped me understand what skills are beneficial in business and made me very confident that I can put architectural studies and anthropology to use in business!

    Sociology/Architectural Studies Major & Fullbridge alum May 2016 , Holy Cross '19
  • By supplying me with a basic understanding of business, Fullbridge has significantly increased my ability and excitement to work within a business setting. I am so grateful for the push that this program has given me and would recommend Fullbridge to any college student looking to solidify their choice in career path.

    International Studies Major & Fullbridge Alum May 2016 , Holy Cross '19
  • I think that this course has greatly improved my confidence and understanding of myself.

    Mathematics Major & Fullbridge Alum May 2016 , Holy Cross '18
  • Azi and Nelson [Coaches] are very accomplished individuals. However, their exuberant success never got in their way to be personal with us and really get on our levels to help us learn new skills.

    Undecided Major & Fullbridge Alum May 2016 , Holy Cross '19

Get real-world experience. Fast.

Fullbridge Professional Edge gives Holy Cross students real-world experience to shine in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace. Employers of Fullbridge interns report that Fullbridge alums are more effective, prepared, and better at teamwork than other interns.

To complement the Holy Cross rigorous education, you will be immersed in business, finance, marketing, and innovation—the skills employers seek. Working closely in teams to tackle real-world projects, you will develop a strong core of work competencies, and develop confidence to take your next step. In addition, your own personal Fullbridge coach will be your guide and mentor throughout the program.

Classrooms will be transformed into a simulated workplace—the program is an intensive lecture-free hands-on experience that culminates in a final team presentation.

Here’s what you’ll get from the program:

  • Preparedness and marketability in today’s competitive job market
  • Confidence and knowledge essential to land an internship or job
  • Access to a professional network of Fullbridge alumnae and coaches
  • Effective presentation and public speaking skills
  • Real-world experience
  • Insight into the world of business
Competencies & Skills
  • Financial Analysis
  • Presentation and public speaking skills
  • Teamwork
Professional Traits
  • Awareness of Others
  • Being a Positive Force
  • Disagreeing Effectively

The Admissions Process

Admission to The Fullbridge Program is competitive and based on a thorough review of your individual application. Candidates are reviewed and admitted on a rolling admissions basis—we highly recommend that you apply early.

Recommended time to take the Fullbridge program

Current First Years: January or May of first year

Current Second Years: August, January or May of second year

*Second years should think about taking the program as soon as possible.

Housing and Logistics

On-campus housing, dining, and program materials are included in the tuition fee.

Students are responsible for providing their own computers.

Financial Aid

Limited scholarships are available to eligible students. Please contact Kathy Lavallee in the Ciocca Office of Entrepreneurial Studies for more information regarding financial assistance.