for Law Firms

  • The first year associate graduates of the Program came out like third years. They really just knew the business speak. They know what I’m talking about when I say, ‘Can you go to the 10-k and find x in the balance sheet.’ I wish I had their training.

    Partner, AmLaw 100 Firm
  • One of the important things in our practice is that we do a lot of presentations. So you need to be very poised in front of a group and you need to answer questions in front of a group. Fullbridge benefits us by preparing our associates for that.

    Partner, AmLaw 200 Firm
  • This program is great for a corporate securities attorney, but also for any attorney who’s going to start at a big firm and needs to understand the problems that a client faces when they walk in the door every day. And those are different than what we see. So it’s important to see the other side.

    First Year Associate, Corporate & Securities, AmLaw 200 Firm
  • We turned to Fullbridge for their experience and expertise as a way to assist us in transitioning our associates from law school to the business of law.

    Senior Partner, AmLaw 100 Firm

The Top Five Skills And Competencies That Lawyers Need To Be Successful In Today’s Competitive Legal Environment (In Rank Order)

  1. Effective Project and Time Management
  2. Creative Problem-Solving
  3. Communicating Effectively with Business People
  4. Basic Finance
  5. Persuasive Communication

Source:  Select sample of PD professionals attending the PDI Conference, Dec 2014

The business acumen and professional skills clients expect.

The Fullbridge Program partners with premier law firms to provide business education programs to both new and seasoned attorneys. Designed to accelerate practical and theoretical business knowledge, our programs are essentially an intensive business boot camp for lawyers that allows them to see their legal work through the eyes of their clients.

After completing a Fullbridge Program, new attorneys will have also acquired the self-awareness and professional skills needed to be successful from day one. Fullbridge Law programs for experienced attorneys enable mid-level and senior associates or partners to accelerate their learning by enhancing their business competencies—enabling them to effectively lead teams and develop business.

Our programs are also designed to complement the professional development instruction provided by our partner firms. Fullbridge works closely with our client partners to ensure that each program reflects the unique culture of the firm.

The Fullbridge Program achieves superior results through an active learning pedagogy revolving around hands-on learning and expert guidance. Our method tosses out the lecture-based model in favor of a highly engaging web platform with innovative, proprietary content, advice from business thought-leaders, and challenging exercises—all anchored by personalized guidance and expertise of Fullbridge Coaches. Our immersive, hands-on approach forces attorneys out of their comfort zones while providing a genuine opportunity for professional growth.

Differentiate your first years and advance your experienced attorneys.